Stop wasting your time on creating snow-flake, un-repeatable, un-testable, insecure, and brittle environments for your organization.

Start off with a secure and performant Cloud-Native environment that is functional yet nimble enough to adapt to changes.

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The secret to 10x developers is that they don't waste time with inefficient and sub-optimal developer environments.

Let's show you how you can squeeze the most out of your Developers' time by keeping them happy and productive with workflows optimized for your needs.

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Everything-as-Code is something we strive towards in the business of Automation. GitOps is a fantastic way to achieve this goal for reproducibility, testability, portability, and auditability.

Instill proper GitOps practices and understand how to leverage GitOps to multiply the effectiveness of Automation while increasing the visibility and security inside your oirganization.

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Save time by learning more about your codebase by gathering key metrics and insights.

Use those insights to supercharge your automation workflows by reducing decision-making times while increasing code quality.

We will insert actionable machine learning into your development process to make your people much more effective.

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Are you confused on what is the best process of releasing software to your end users?

Are you facing roadblocks, technical or otherwise?

We will put a robust Release Engineering process that takes you from writing code to delivering results to end users.

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Put the "Sec" in DevSecOps.

Bridge the gap between your Security and Compliance teams. Let us show you why Security and Compliance are not the same thing, but two sides of the same coin.

Let us put together a comprehensive Security & Compliance framework in place to ensure yur CIO and CISO departments can thrive by aligning with the same mission.

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We live and breathe Automation. The innate ability to pick what needs to be automated and what is better left to human decision-making is what differentiates a good organization from a great one.

Our process of automation analysis revolves around a proven model of computing a automation score using metrics such as Repetition, Time, and Subjective Value.

Talk to us to find out more how we can identify and automate crucial bottlenecks.

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Do you have a system that needs to be designed from the ground up?

Is there a critical use-case and business mission that needs to have a tight SLA?

Are you engineering a system for longevity and durability?

Whatever your need is, we can deliver on your most ambitious goals by breaking down the architecture into a series of questions, tradeoff analysis, and reference modules.

Get up and running with proven modules quickly.

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Serverless is the "art" of using infrastructure without managing infrastructure. In theory, it sounds like a great idea and has great potential to bring cost-savings and greater agility to your business.

CodeBlock infuses Cloud-Native principles with Serverless engineering to ensure that you are in position to use each Cloud Provider to the fullest - or all of them.

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Chaos engineering

Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production.

Building large-scale distributed systems that are resilient and reliable in the face of failure for any business.

Using the principles of Chaos Engineering, we can build the right test plan to push a system to its limits to expose its faults and limitations; thereby allowing us to address them in a controlled and timely manner.

Confidently release your application knowing that you've tested it far beyond the scope of traditional testing.

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